Clash of Clan Tip: How to Prevent Others from Attacking You

If you are addicted to Clash of Clan, here is a very useful and funny tip on how to prevent other players from attacking your village.

Check out the video from the original owner’s timeline (posted in public):

So, all we need to do is create our own home-made stylus pen, attach it to your electric fan, and set up your phone and your fan as shown in the video above.

Original Post of the Owner:

Hindi ka na maatake, nahahanginan ka pa hahaha
(Prevent from being attacked, plus cool air! hahaha)

Homemade Stylus:
Cotton Buds Aluminum foil Scissors Tape A pen
1. Remove the ink from the pen.
2. Cut the cotton swab at a sharp angle and insert it into the mouth of the pen. Secure with tape.
3. Wrap the foil around the neck of the pen, a couple of centimeters above the tip of the cotton swab. Wrap tightly, and secure with tape at the top.
4. Moisten the cotton swab with a drop of water.
*try it on your own risk, be safe

I also want to give credit to where I originally saw the video:

My comment: R.I.P battery. Lol 🙂


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