Before Everything Fades

It’s Sunday and I went over here in our province to relax. I am so thankful as I survived another week of work.

Rest day is here and I don’t have any idea how I should spend it. I visited my gmail account and read all the new updates in manga that I received through email notification.

Then, I saw this PenScratch Theme from WordPress and I activated it.

Speaking of WordPress, how long had it been since my last post? I browsed my account and all of my blogs. There are those that I started but never continued. Those are blogs that I planned to faithfully write on, yet I failed to do it. Scrolling to the bottom most part, I saw a blog where I put my heart in it. Reading all the 8 posts and checking all the pictures.

Everything feels nostalgic.

“Para Klaro”

I really wish everything was clear.

Right now, I still want to write everything that happened, for no reason at all. If my eyes are lenses of camera and if my brain is a data storage device, then all days would be written.

I wish I captured them all before everything fades from my memories.


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