Playing with My Facebook Theme

I just stumbled to a page where there are instructions on how to change my Facebook Theme. I followed the instructions and below is a screenshot of the result:

Playing with my Facebook Theme
Playing with my Facebook Theme

Upon checking, this is not really a facebook theme. From my understanding, the code provided just changed the console of your browser to show these changes. If you will open your facebook in a new tab, the changes are not there. Anyway, this is interesting and I just learned something new. Playing with my facebook theme isn’t bad at all. This quite fun, too. 🙂

This is not my work but I will share this to you if you want to play with your browser, too. Credits to the owner.

Step 1:- —

( Go To The Link & Copy All The Code, For copying Press ((Ctrl+A)) & Press ((Ctrl+C))

Step 2:- — —
( Come Back To FACEBOOk )

Step 3:- — Inspect Element —
(( Google Chrome Users )) Press (( F12 ))
(( Firefox Users )) Press (( Ctrl+Shift+k ))
(( Manual )) Right Click & Select (( Inspect Element )) & Click On (( Console ))

Step 4:- — Pasting Code —
[ Press (( Ctrl+V)) & Press (( ENTER )]

If you finished all steps correctly, your facebook theme have been changed.

Like/Comment/Share to your friends If you success to change your facebook theme.




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