2013 Dissolution and My New Year’s Resolution

Dec 31, 2013, 6:38 PM – few more hours before 2014. Right now, I’m in my friend/co-worker’s house to celebrate the new year together with them since we still have work at 3 A.M.

Creating my last post for this year, I really don’t know what to write about. I guess, this year had been too harsh and challenging for all of us. Most of us experienced life-turning obstacles and hard decision-making. Can you still remember what you had gone through this year?

I stopped studying while working because I had a hard time. Conflicting school and work schedules, crammed homework, tardiness at work, sleepless nights and days, and others. I decided to stop going to school on that time. Focusing more on work, I thought I would earn more, yet it was the contrary. Expenses were incurred, family emergency and needs occurred, mistakes happened and debts rose. Every hard work that I made, I felt it wasn’t good enough. I was really disappointed about myself. The usual competitive and achieving me had lost his self-esteem. Mid-year, my four-year girlfriend broke up with me. It was one of the saddest part of my year.

Though everything seemed falling down. I never lose hope. I keep on living my life the normal way. Of all the unfortunate things that happened to me, I am really thankful that my friends were there by my side. They cheered me up and gave me advises that really helped me.

“You may not always end up where you thought you were going but you’ll always end up where you meant to be.”

Before 2013 ends, I’m proud to say that I’m strong. Overcoming the obstacles was indeed hard, but I really had a great time. I’m very thankful that this year had came into my life. I became stronger and more independent. I was renewed. I am more contented of what I am now. During the last quarter, I got promoted as a Quality Analyst. As a new officer, I had my mistakes, too. But that was my learning curve. I felt really glad when my supervisor told me earlier that I was improving. My girlfriend and I were happy together again and I don’t feel bitter anymore about what happened with my studies.

I want to end this year in a positive way even I’m far away to my family and love ones. Looking back to 2013, I just wanted to say that I had so much fun. I realized that what I’ve gone through were smaller compared to others. Now, I’m ready to face 2014 with a newer and stronger me.

Team Cel's Christmas Party!
Team Cel’s Christmas Party!

So what will be my new year’s resolution?

I will be timely to most of the things that I’ll do. I’ll make sure that I do things right. I’ll focus more in saving and earning money. Above all, I will now have the courage to do what I’ve planned.

This is my 2013’s dissolution and my new year’s resolution – what’s yours?


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