Lotto Virgin

I don’t have any experience playing lotto but I know some basic rules of it. This is our topic for today. As usual, my office mates asked if me I’ve already played lotto and I said ‘No’.
They told me that most of the lotto winners won by just betting once or twice. That’s what they call beginner’s luck. Kuya Francis asked me to give him some numbers that I want to bet in lotto and he will be the one to play the numbers. Surely, I gave some numbers in my mind:

09 – 17 – 48 – 42 – 12 – 16
Kuya Francis used the number in 6/55 draw with a jackpot price of over 100M Pesos as I write this blog. I got excited, too, thinking that those number will win.

Let’s see tomorrow.

Update: Sorry if it’s late. I was not able to update my blog.
Well, here was the result for Aug. 15 draw.

50 – 17 – 41 – 27 – 13 – 31

Jackpot: P108,279,252.00
Close enough. Ha ha. I just got 1 number right out of six.


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