33 Ways to Be Creative

Rest day is one of my favorite day of the week. Of course, who hates to have rest? And today is my rest day! Yeah! m/

As usual, I do some things I always wanna do. 🙂

I played DoTA with my brother and my game-friend, JM. That was fun and exciting. 🙂 I was able to put a blog for my Facebook page (though FB keeps on disabling my accounts, my pages are still up there) – Pinoy Love etc.

I don’t know much about coding/html/CCS or any complicated stuffs regarding building a website or putting up a blog. I’m just thankful of being blessed with great learning skill and having the attitude of “try-and-try-until-you-succeed” (LoL 😀 ). So thus, I’m satisfied with what I’ve just achieved during my rest day.

Moving forward, I just have enough time to watch some ” One Piece” episodes, read manga, and continue my online job. While doing my online job, I stumble upon a website with an interesting photo.

I really agree with the things listed on that image. Bottom line? Starting today, I will do these things. 🙂

Try it! I bet this will be FUN!


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