It’s good to be back!

Last 2 days ago, I lost my internet connection. 😦

I just realized how important internet is. No Facebook. No g-mail. No No websites I love to browse and read. For the past 2 days, my life was so boring. I tried to contact customer service of my ISP to resolve the issue. I had bad customer experiences with them. Some hung up on me, some just repeated what others said that did not work and some pretended that they can not hear me and hung up. 😦

I was getting so irritated and pissed off, and my experience got to worst. They told me that my internet connection will be fine within 24 hours but it took more than 48 hours to resolve my problem.

On the lighter side, I have my internet connection back and I’m so happy right now. πŸ™‚

Globe should make their customer care as competitive and as reliable like others do.


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